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National diploma Information Technology

A Qualifying learner at this level is competent in the development of IT systems in a distributed computing environment, after specializing in one of the following fields: 1. Business Applications. The creation and customization of total integrated IT solutions to business problems and management of those systems. This also includes the analysis of business systems to provide decision support on appropriate technology for acquiring and processing knowledge essential for innovation, and for betterment of organisational responsiveness, effectiveness and / or efficiency. 2. Software Development Designing and producing software products and systems to meet specified needs so that they work reliably and their production and maintenance is cost effective. 3. Communication Networks Design, development, implementation and management of networks by integrating knowledge of modern network topologies and protocols to create an appropriate and adequate environment of communication and information sharing. 4. Web and Application Development To equip Web professionals with the necessary skills to pursue a career in IT using the Internet to create, build and maintain Web sites. This professional will also manage Web related functions of the organisation. 5. Information Systems and Technology Management Manage people and technology for creating, modifying and sustaining organisational information systems. 6. Intelligent Industrial Systems Design, development and maintenance of systems that have embedded logic. This includes artificial intelligence and servers that can do remotely control a process environment. 7. Support Services Identifies the various types of end users and explore their possible needs. These needs include support in the use of existing software packages, basic maintenance of computers and equipment, and support for the development of end users’ own computer applications.

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