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Advanced Diploma Information Resource Management

Qualifying learners will be able to apply the theoretical knowledge to the management of Information Communication Technology (ICT) services in an organisation, in a holistic approach to managing services, from end-to-end, where all aspects of a service (and not just the individual technology silos) are delivered within a determined timeframe, properly secured, and available when necessary to the business customer, where Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is used in conjunction with other good practices to manage information technology (such as COBIT). This qualification aims to improve the level of training for new entrants as well as practicing service managers and supervisory staff. In addition, it will provide a solid theoretical basis for staff who have undergone on-the-job training without the benefit of being exposed to the underpinning theory and best practices provided by any ITIL based theoretical training at tertiary level. Both entry level staff and experienced staff with relevant practical experience will benefit.

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