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Web and multimedia systems administrator-Rhodes University

Date: July 2016- now

Summary of roles and responsibilities 

  • Working with staff and students to understand web architecture concepts and advising on how these can be implemented technically within constraints
  •  specifying operational logic and rules that are necessary for features to be reproduced correctly according to specification
  • Writing efficient computer code to make the various features work, ensuring that sound, graphics, animations and timings function as intended and make good use of processing and data storage capacity
  • Creating and linking databases to the user interface so that information can be retrieved, stored and processed interactively via the application
  • Writing html or similar input and using authoring packages where appropriate to create content and effects
  • Running tests of the application to identify problems which need to be rectified
  • Solving problems by re-writing code or adding new code which works around problems;
  • Providing technical support to an application once it is running and making further adaptations, patches or rewrites to the code.
  • Design and generate computer graphics using adobe suite.
  • Coordinate streaming for the school using adobe flash media server.
  • Coordinate webinars for the university.
  • Design and manage media mobile apps for the school.
  • Researching and keeping abreast of emerging technologies in order to be able to deliver the most up-to-date solutions. This may mean learning new programming languages or technologies;
  • Assist in developing uniform web strategies, plans and platforms for the school, which harmonise with central systems.
  • Provision of media services such as videoconferencing, streaming and digital signage to the school.
  • Scoping web development needs and devising and implementing rollout plans considering resources, time frames and budget;
  • Managing and monitoring rollout plans;
  • Reviewing project plans and taking corrective measures to bring projects within agreed parameters where necessary.
  • Ensuring the school’s sites are maintained at adequate levels of redundancy and backup;
  • Ensuring that the school’s sites are adequately protected in terms of access privileges and virus protection;
  • Ensuring that the school’s sites are adequately protected against internal and external attack;
  • Complying with all relevant security requirements for both the school and the university.
  • Planning, leadership, organising and control of staff, students and outside in regard to school sites and multimedia projects and in correspondence with overall university policy and system requirements.
  • Supervise, train and teach students and/or staff on the use of specialised equipment


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